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bleu blanc rouge – French Expression

Bleu Blanc Rouge – French Expression

bleu blanc rouge — red, white and blue or Franco-Frenchy — Mot du Jour

bleu blanc rouge – blue white red. These three colors happen to also be the colors of many other flags, including the American flag. In English, the colors of the flag are switched: red white and blue  should be ‘rouge blanc et bleu’. However, it’s translated as ” bleu blanc rouge (blue white red) in French.

Sometimes when bleu blanc rouge is used as an adjective, it’s a French expression that means ‘very French’, or even ‘excessively French’. It has a negative undertone. I like to translate it as ‘Franco-Frenchy’.

  • « T’as pas peur que toutes ces Tours Eiffel dans la pièce, ça fasse pas un peu trop bleu blanc rouge ? »
    • “Aren’t you afraid that all these Eiffel towers in the room make the ambiance a bit too Franco-Frenchy?”
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bleu blanc rouge – Today’s French

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