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Avoir beau – Exercice

avoir beau – to have beautiful – is a very French structure. Listen to the following sentences.

En français

Il a beau neiger tous les jours, le soleil brille toujours.

Elle a beau rester tard au bureau, le dossier n’avance pas.

On aura beau faire, les parents ne voudront pas nous laisser sortir ce soir.

In English

Although it snows every day, the sun is always shining.

Even though she stays late at the office, the file doesn’t move forward.

Try as we might, the parents won’t want to let us go out tonight.


Lots more practice and explanations.

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avoir beau – Mot du Jour

s’agir de

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It’s so French:– Il s’agit, Chez, etc.


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