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au hasard – French expression

Au Hasard – French Expression

au hasard – French expression

random – Mot du Jour

What does the French expression ‘ au hasard ‘ mean? How do you say ‘random’ in French? How is it used in a sentence?

au hasard — at chance. le hasard, means ‘chance’, ‘fate’. In everyday French, au hasard means ‘by chance’, ‘random’, ‘at random’.

Note 2 common similar expressions

  1. par hasard: fortuitous or in a serendipitous fashion, occurring by chance
  2. à tout hasard: just in case
  • « Dans ce jeu de FrenchHour, tu as des questions au hasard qui te permettent de connaître plein de choses sur le français et sur la France. »
    • “In this FrenchHour quiz, you get random questions that allow you to know tons of things about French and about France.”
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