au beau fixe – Mot du Jour

Coucher De Soleil

au beau fixe – Mot du jour

high spirits – French expression

What does ” au beau fixe ” mean? How do you say ‘ high spirits ’ in French? How is it pronounced? How is it used in a French sentence? Listen to Anne, a French native say it at

au beau fixe – at the beautiful fixed – au beau fixe refers to the thermometer displaying nice weather consistently. So, the literal translation is that it’s consistently sunny. In everyday French, though, au beau fixe means that everything’s groovy, that a person is in high spirits.

It’s often used with être: être au beau fixe, but another common expression with au beau fixe is ‘avoir le moral au beau fixe’, to be really happy.

  • « Quand y a du soleil dehors, le moral des gens est aussi au beau fixe. »
    • “When it’s sunny outside, people are also in high spirits.”


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