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Asking for Directions – Today’s French

Asking For Directions – Today’s French

Asking for Directions – Today’s French

Demander son chemin – Le français d’aujourd’hui

Riding the French metro is really easy. However, getting to the station isn’t always a piece of cake. Soon, you’ll be in France and there will surely be a time when you’ll need to ask for directions. This worksheet has the rvocabulary and practice for you to not get lost on your way to a hotel or a French restaurant.

The way to say ‘Asking for Directions’ is ‘Demander le chemin’ or ‘Demander son chemin’. You’d think that by just knowing ‘où est’ – ‘where is’ – you’d be all set to find your way in France. Well, there’s a bit more to it than that.

10 phrases to ask your way around in France

  1. Excuse me… …. Pardon (OU Bonjour) [Madame, Monsieur]…
  2. I’m lost. …. Je suis perdu/e.
  3. Where is…? …. Où est OU Où se trouve… ?
  4. I’m looking for… …. Je cherche…
  5. Where is the nearest…? …. Où est le/la… plus proche ? OU Le/la… plus proche s’il vous plait ?
  6. A ticket for… …. Un billet pour…
  7. the train station …. la gare
  8. the bus station …. le bus
  9. the rental car place …. l’agence de location
  10. the metro station …. la station de métro

Don’t forget to say “Merci [Madame, Monsieur], au revoir !” The French are pretty sensitive about their ‘Bonjours’ and ‘Au Revoirs’.

Quiz - Asking for directions

How do the French ask for directions? Pick the most probable answer. -- Comment les Français demandent-ils leur chemin ? Choisissez la réponse la plus probable.



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