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Amener, emmener, apporter or emporter – Sneak Peek

Amener, Emmener, Apporter Or Emporter – Sneak Peek

Amener emmener apporter or emporter – Today’s French

Amener emmener apporter or emporter – Le français d’aujourd’hui

amener, emmener, apporter, emporterto bring and to take – How do I know which one to use? How are they used in French?

in a nutshell


amener emmener apporter emporter


To practice in a sentence, pick either one of the two languages, and translate into the other language. French to English is easier than English to French.

1.J’emmène/amène Henri chez toi et on pourra travailler.

2.Il apportera/amènera son déjeuner à la réunion.

3.Elles n’emmènent/amènent/apportent pas leur portable en vacances.

1.I’m taking Henri to your place and we’ll be able to work.

2.He’ll bring his lunch to the meeting.

3.They’re not bringing their PC on vacation.

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