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Adverb or Adjective? – Sneak Peek

Adverb Or Adjective? – Sneak Peek

Adverb or Adjective?

Adverb ou Adjectif ?

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Adjectives and adverbs are words used to add details to a sentence. They are not mandatory to make a sentence complete. Adjectives modify a noun and adverbs add more specific details to a verb, an adjective, another adverb or a sentence.

  • J’aime les fruits de mer bretons.
    • I like Breton seafood.
  • J’aime bien les fruits de mer bretons.
    • I quite like Breton seafood.

It’s not always easy to differentiate an adverb from an adjective. Yet, it’s important to know the difference.

Mini Quiz - Adverb or Adjective

Decide if the word in CAPITAL letters is an adjective or an adverb? Remember that an adjective carries the gender and number of its companion noun, and the adverb remains invariable.
    The translation is bad.
    She's not doing well. She's doing badly.
    He speaks French fluently.
    The stories are good.
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Adverb or Adjective – Free Quiz

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