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à 2 mètres – Mot du jour

à 2 Mètres – Mot Du Jour

à 2 mètres – Mot du jour

very close – French expression

What does ” à 2 mètres ” mean? How do you say ‘ very close ’ in French? How is it pronounced? How is it used in a French sentence? Listen to Anne, a French native say it at

à 2 mètres – at 2 meters. When you want to express that something is close, you may use a small number with mètres. If you are on foot, you’ll pick a number under 10. If you are in a car, probably ‘500 mètres’ is a good number to express a close distance. In everyday French, à 2 mètres means ‘very close’. Another synonym expression is ‘à 2 pas’ – 2 steps away.

  • « C’est pas loin, c’est juste à 2 mètres. »
    • “It’s not far, it’s very close.”

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