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le 14 juillet — Bastille Day — Mot du Jour

14 juillet – 14 July. Le 14 juillet is Bastille DayThe logical translation for Bastille Day should be la journée de la Bastille. However, French people simply call it le 14 juillet – July 14. And you’d also think the French go around saying something like Bonne fête, or Bon 14 juillet or Joyeux 14 juillet. Well, they don’t really say anything to one another that day. They enjoy a quiet day, sometimes watch the army parade on the Champs-Élysées in the morning and they certainly go to the fireworks at night, and then go dancing – le bal des pompiers (the firemen ball) is really popular. All in all, le 14 juillet is often just a nice family day.

  • « Tu vas au bal du 14 juillet ce soir ? »
    • “Are you going to Bastille day dance tonight?”
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bleu blanc rouge – Today’s French

bleu blanc rouge – French Expression

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Bastille Day – Click-on-Take to access the course (free access with your membership)

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