Anne's Teaching Philosophy

frenchhourHere is what Anne has to say about her teaching.

“I stumbled into teaching in the 1980s, as I was offered a position in China. I did not realize then that teaching would become a mission for me. Although my teaching has changed over the years with the rise of technology, my teaching philosophy has remained the same throughout the years.

I believe that education comes with the stimulation of students’ strengths. This is why my classes are student-centered, using their knowledge and experience as a springboard for learning, giving them a real sense of ownership over the language.

I believe in hard work and I will not let any of my students fall through the crack. I am constantly thinking of a new slant on a grammar point or a vocabulary list so as to constantly motivate my students.

I believe in the uniqueness of everyone. I use many different techniques so that all kinds of students’ intelligences, skills and time constraints are addressed.

I believe that learning a language is a long journey. Students might get discouraged during their learning experience. I am a good listener and I am able to recognize students’ state of mind. I am flexible enough in my curricula to change gears and start over again with a fresh attitude.

I believe that learning is FUN. Students are the only ones to know what’s fun for them. I make sure I find creative ways to present the language so they are entertained throughout their learning experience with me. That can be done with games during a lesson of course, but also with exercises that could otherwise be misunderstood as ‘dull’. This is why a student of mine might laugh out loud during a conjugation drill or a dictation exercise in my classroom. I believe a good teacher is able to accomplish that.”

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